Preventing Frozen Waterlines

Idaho Falls, ID – Temperatures for the next few days are expected to drop well below seasonal averages.  As sub-zero temperatures hit the Idaho Falls area, make sure that you have taken appropriate precautions to protect your home or business from experiencing frozen waterlines.

  • Homes and Businesses:
    • Keep interior doors open to ensure that heat is circulated into basements and mechanical rooms with exposed waterlines.
    • Cover indoor waterlines with pipe insulation if the waterlines are in contact with exterior walls.
  • Mobile Homes:
    • Protect the waterline in the crawl space beneath the mobile home with heat tape. (This heat source should be checked frequently to ensure it is working properly, replaced periodically and used according to the owner’s manual.)
    • Ensure that all skirting is in place around the base of the mobile home and insulated, if possible.
  • Vacant Homes and Businesses:
    • Keep heat on to protect waterlines.
    • Have water shut off to prevent flooding should waterlines freeze and break.
    • Winterize the waterlines by draining the water from the building.

Outdoor connections should be protected by disconnecting water hoses from outdoor hose bibs and installing insulated covers over the hose bibs.

If you discover that you have no water flow and believe your waterlines are frozen, consider the following:

  • Are you current on your City utility payments?
    • If you are overdue on your bill, water service may have been disconnected for non-payment status.  Contact the City’s Credit Office at (208) 612-8285 to make arrangements to have service restored.
  • Have you checked all valves within your home or business to ensure that they weren’t turned off?
    • Many times valves can be accidentally placed in the off position by children or maintenance personnel.
  • Do you have water to any other rooms of the home or business, or is the water off everywhere?
    • If water is only off to a portion of the home or business, it is possible that a valve is shut off or that a waterline is frozen inside the building.

If there is no water to the entire building and you are current on utility payments, contact the City Water Division at (208) 612-8471 to ensure that your water service wasn’t disconnected at the street for another reason.

If waterlines are frozen, contact a plumber for assistance in restoring water service.  For additional assistance, view the winterization brochure on the Water Division’s webpage.

Media Note: For more information or to schedule an interview with city staff, contact Public Information Officer, Kerry Hammon.


About Public Works:  The Public Works Department consists of six divisions. The Engineering Division provides Survey, Design and Project Management services to the rest of Public Works and other city divisions. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division coordinates Mapping and Informational Services with other city divisions.  The Sanitation Division provides solid waste collection and disposal. The Sewer Division provides sanitary sewage collection and treatment for the city and areas in Bonneville County; and storm water collection and treatment for the city.  The Street Division maintains the streets, bridges, alleys, and public parking lots. The Water Division provides and distributes potable water.