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1. What do I do if my vehicle is impounded?
2. What should I do if my car breaks down out on the street?
3. What percent of the windows can be tinted on my vehicle?
4. Can I have any cracks or stars in my windshield and still be able to drive legally?
5. Can I use studded snow tires on my car?
6. What is the maximum lift height for a vehicle? And how do you measure it?
7. What is the minimum height that I can lower my vehicle?
8. What colors and types (under body, in-car, etc.) of neon lights are legal?
9. Is a front license plate required on Idaho-registered cars?
10. How long can I leave a Recreational Vehicle parked on the street?
11. How long can I leave my Vehicle parked on the street?
12. Do motorcycle riders have to wear a helmet in Idaho?
13. Can people legally ride in the bed of a pickup truck?
14. Is it legal for me to use a cellular phone while driving?
15. How much over the speed limit do I have to go before I will get a ticket?
16. Is it against the law to operate a vehicle while not wearing shoes?