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1. Can the City force removal of inoperative vehicles?
2. My neighbor's property is full of junk, litter & unused vehicles. Will the City help me eliminate this mess?
3. There's an abandoned vehicle on my street. Who should I call?
4. Can people live in RV's in a residential zone?
5. There is a hedge/fence that blocks the view of the intersection. Can code enforcement personnel help?
6. My neighbor had 6 garage sales last summer. The items stayed in her front yard between sales. Can they do that?
7. Can I park and sell my car from a vacant lot or the city right-of-way?
8. We need extra income and I want to take care of children in my home. Do I need any permits?
9. My neighbor is operating a business from his home. Is that legal?
10. Who do I call for weeds?
11. Are there things a code enforcement officer cannot address?