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Airport 1 Form
Forms General Inquiry

Community Development Services 1 Form
Forms Code Enforcement (Tree Trimming, Weed Control)

Fire Department 1 Form
Forms Ambulance Billing

Human Resources 1 Form
Forms Employment

Idaho Falls Power 1 Form
Forms Contact the Idaho Falls Fiber Network

Mayor's Office 1 Form
Forms General Inquiry

Municipal Services 3 Forms
Forms Business Licenses
Forms Utility Billing
Forms Website

Parks & Recreation 3 Forms
Forms Aquatic Center
Forms Idaho Falls Weeds
Forms Idaho Falls Zoo

Police Department 2 Forms
Forms Kudos, comments and concerns (Idaho Falls Police Department only)
Forms Parking Ticket

Public Works 1 Form
Forms Recycling

RequestTracker Forms 17 Forms
Forms Abandoned Vehicle
Forms Animal Services
Forms Construction
Forms Garbage Pickup
Forms Graffiti
Forms Leaf Collection
Forms Noise Complaint
Forms Parks
Forms Power Outage
Forms Sewer
Forms Snow Removal
Forms Street Light
Forms Street Sign
Forms Streets
Forms Traffic Light
Forms Vandalism
Forms Water