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Sanitation Service Agreement

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  4. I hereby request a garbage container at the above location and agree to pay for all sanitation services used, delivered or made available at this location until I notify the City in writing to discontinue such services. I agree that the sanitation container will be delivered subject to the terms and provisions of the Idaho Falls City Code as it now exists or may be generally amended from time to time. I understand the City makes no warranties of any kind and all warranties, whether expressed or implied including all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly disclaimed. I represent that I am either the owner of the premises described above or am leasing or renting the property from the owner. I also represent that neither I nor any member of my household have a delinquent utility account with the City. I understand that any past debt owed to the City must be paid in full before any sanitation containers can be delivered.
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