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Parks and Recreation Department Service Request Form

  1. Please use this form to report problems located in City of Idaho Falls parks or green spaces. Requests will be handled in the order they are received, health and safety issues take precedence over all other requests. If the request is not covered by our ordinances, we will attempt to explain why we cannot act on your request via the contact information provided.  Please note, we will only contact you if we have questions regarding your request.  We will not contact you to let you know we received your request or after we have completed the request. Thank you for helping us keep our parks and green spaces enjoyable for all. 

  2. Disclaimer
    By filling out this form, you will be creating a public record of your complaint. Your email will not be displayed on the website, but may be used in order to contact you for additional information or to inform you of our investigation, if you would prefer to make an anonymous complaint please contact us at 208-612-8479.
  3. Tree/Branch Service

    Please check all boxes that apply to your request if tree service is requested on City of Idaho Falls Property.

  4. Park Service Request

    Please check all boxes that apply to your request if located in a City of Idaho Falls Park

  5. Water/Sprinkler Service

    Please check all boxes that apply to your request. Note: Only water/sprinkler service requests can be made for City of Idaho Falls parks and greenspaces. Idaho Falls Parks Department does not repair water lines or sprinklers on private property. 

  6. Briefly describe your request if none of the check boxes apply. 

  7. If you can, please upload a picture of the area/item requiring maintenance.  To better assist us in locating the site for your request, please take a picture with some surrounding markers to help identify your location. You may upload more than one photo.

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