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COVID-Era Special Event Permit Application for Sandy Downs

  1. Special Event Permit Application

  2. Are you a non-profit organization?*

  3. You may upload a copy of your tax ID form, if you would like.

  4. Who can we contact if there is an issue the day of the event

  5. What is a phone contact of someone who we can contact the day of the event if there is an issue

  6. Event Details

  7. Directions for the Following Plan and Description Boxes:

    In the following sections, event organizers must read descriptions for each plan, and fill out the needed information in the corresponding blank boxes. Your plans can be simple. You may use bullet points or incomplete sentences to explain the plans. If you have already written the plan out somewhere else, you must write “ATTACHED” in the blank description box, and then upload the applicable paperwork. If your event does not need a plan description (for example, if you do not have any vendors, or you do not need any streets closed) please click "No" on the required boxes.

  8. Site Plan

    The Site Plan is a map you must attach to this application. The maps can be hand-drawn, or you may use a map found online, and then draw on that map by hand or using a computer. The map should include, if applicable: • An outline of the entire event venue • Direction of travel and all street closures for moving events • The location of fencing, barriers and barricades. Indicate access points for emergency personnel. You must have a fourteen (14) foot wide path for emergency vehicle access • Stages and platforms • Bleachers and grandstands • Trash cans and dumpsters • Portable toilets, hand washing facilities, drinking fountains and water stations • The location of first aid facilities and ambulances • Placement of vehicles and/or trailers • Placement of all vendors and booths • Space allotted for parking • Firework launch location(s) • Security. Please clearly indicate each area where approved security will be deployed, including but not limited to: entrances and exits to the event, beer garden entrances and exits and placement along barricades and road closures. Please differentiate between volunteer and professional security.

  9. Does your event have temporary structures that are over 400 square feet?*

  10. For Events with Temporary Structures Over 400 square feet*

    On your site plan, you must include the locations and size of the temporary structures that are over 400 square feet. The Idaho Falls Fire Department will have to inspect those structures.

  11. Ex: Map of Event Area. Taking a screenshot of Google Maps, or Hand Drawing a Map and scanning it are the most popular maps.

  12. Trash Plan

    The Trash Plan should explain how you plan to handle waste at your event. As the event organizer, you are responsible for the waste generated by the participants, spectators and vendors at your event. Trash cans are available to rent from the City for a small fee ($4.00/can). If trash cans are needed, make sure to include the number requested in the Application and Facility Rental Fees Section below.

  13. Proof of Insurance*

    If the Event is considered high-risk (as determined by the Special Event Committee) or is attended by more than 500 people, you must purchase insurance. After the application is approved, the event organizer will be required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the City of Idaho Falls as an additional insured party before permits will be granted. Anyone using City property for an event must furnish the City of Idaho Falls with a current Certificate of Insurance evidencing General Liability Insurance Coverage equal to or greater than the following levels of liability: Each Occurrence Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability: $1,000,000. General Aggregate Limit: $2,000,000. Products/Completed Operations Aggregate Limit: $2,000,000. Personal and Advertising Injury Liability Limit: $1,000,000. **Higher levels of liability may be required for events with more than 500 attendees or significant potential of bodily harm** If you are unsure if you need to have insurance, please reach out to someone at the Parks and Recreation Center at 520 Memorial Drive. If insurance in required for your event according to the City guidelines, please click "Yes."

  14. If Proof of Insurance is needed for your event, you may upload a copy of it here.

  15. Security Plan*

    The security plan should be a few sentences explaining how security will be handled at your event. This can include how all road closures must be staffed by clearly identified staff or volunteers, a booth for lost children, security staff or volunteers must wear event-appropriate uniforms (ex. Brightly colored safety vest, shirts with “SECURITY” clearly visible), the locations of the security guards, etc. For events under 500 people at one time, a security plan can be as simple as having easily identifiable volunteers. If your event meets the criteria for needing a security plan, please click "Yes." If you event does not meet the criteria, you may click "No."

  16. If any documents are available.

  17. Emergency Services Plan*

    For all events involving livestock (horse racing, rodeo, etc) we require the organizer to hire a professional Emergency Medical Service company. For all motor sport events (car racing, Monster trucks, demolition derbies), we require the organizer to hire a professional Emergency Medical Service company, and a professional Fire service company. If that includes your event, please fill out the contact information for the professional Emergency Medical Service and Fire Service company below, and attach the contract you have signed with the company to the end of this application.

  18. Is your EMS company working under medical direction?*

  19. Concessionaire and Food Vendor Permits*

    Event organizers will need to purchase a Temporary Concession Permit if they have food or goods vendors at their event. The permits are $50.00 for one (1) to ten (10) vendors or $100.00 for eleven (11) or more vendors, and can be bought at the Idaho Falls Recreation Center at 520 Memorial Dr., Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Organizers are responsible for verifying proper permits, which include a food handling license or exemption certificate and a current year mobile vending permit, if they are operating out of a trailer or truck

  20. Alcohol Dispensing Limitations and Requirements *

  21. Instructions and Requirements for Events Involving Alcohol

    Alcohol Catering Permits are $20.00, and can be bought from the City Clerks office at City Hall, 308 Constitution Way. THIS PERMIT IS REQUIRED TO SELL ALCOHOL. Process to Obtain the Needed Permit 1. The event organizer will indicate on the application that they will have alcohol available at the event. 2. The event organizer explains on the security plan how they will have the correct amount of guards, ID checkers, and signs for the event size. 3. The contracted caterer/vendor pays and picks the Alcohol Catering Permit up from the City Clerk’s office at City Hall, 308 Constitution Way, at least 10 (ten) business days before the event. Permitted Locations and Times for Events with Beer, Wine, and Hard Liquor 1. Sandy Downs Arena, from noon until 12 am 2. Noise Park at noon until 2 am To obtain a Special Event Alcohol Dispensing Permit and the Alcohol Catering Permit, you must:  Have a licensed vendor dispensing the alcohol. The licensed vendor is a person or business in possession of a current Idaho State, Bonneville County and City license permitting the person or business to sell, distribute and serve or supply beer and wine.  Have individuals at the event to check proper identification for those who shall purchase, receive or consume alcohol during the event. The individuals shall be clearly identified and shall be stationed no less than 10’ from the dispensing location.  All attendees that are drinking alcohol must have their IDs checked, and have a visible and tamper-proof wristband placed onto their body by the ID checkers.  Hire licensed professional security personnel to provide security for the event. Such officers or security personnel shall be clearly identified as such and shall be on duty at all times alcohol is being sold, served or consumed during the event.  Have alcohol sales, dispensing and consumption area(s) only in designated areas. The areas shall be designated by a signage that shall visually indicate the sale, dispensing, and consumption area. Signs shall visually warn that alcohol cannot be consumed outside the stated area. Signs must be placed every fifty (50) feet along the border of the consumption area.  Have all entry and exit points into the alcohol sales, distributing and consumption area(s) staffed with age appropriate volunteers or staff. These locations can be staffed by the individuals checking proper identification.  Serve all alcohol from its original container. When serving into another container, the container must be a readily identifiable container not more than sixteen (16) ounces in size and shall not bear a logo for a non-alcoholic beverage.  Events over 1,000 attendees will require Crowd Control Managers, which can be volunteers or employees who shall help with public crowd control and overall safety. If your event wants to sell any type of alcohol for longer than 6 hours per day, you must submit a plan for review by the Parks and Recreation Director and Police Chief, or their designee. The plan must include:  A satisfactory and specified plan to mitigate public nuisances, such as noise and traffic, associated with the extended hours  Provide additional security in an amount satisfactory to the Chief of Police, or their designee  An administrative fee of $200.00

  22. How Many People Will be Attending Your Event at One Time?*

  23. Please put your plan for dispensing alcohol, such as the location of the alcohol being sold, who is pouring, etc.

  24. Ex. Alcohol Vendor Permit

  25. If applicable.

  26. If applicable.

  27. If applicable.

  28. Fee Waiver Request*

    If you are a non-profit organization, and meet certain criteria, some fees may be able to be waived. The waived fees could include rental fees and the insurance requirements. To receive the waiver, you must explain how you meet all of the following criteria: 1. The event or activity must be open to the general public. 2. The activity of the requesting party must directly benefit the residents of the City of Idaho Falls or the Parks and Recreation Department. 3. The requesting party must be an Idaho Falls based non-profit organization with a valid 501(C) (3). 4. The requesting party must agree to provide for clean-up at the end of their event. 5. Projects or organizations who have failed their obligations during previous events or activities are not eligible for future fee waivers. 6. All recipients of a fee waiver shall acknowledge the Parks and Recreation Department in all publicity relating to the event or activity and be approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation prior to release. Acknowledgement includes City logos and statement in all advertising, promotional material and media releases. 7. All city programs, committees or authorized direct affiliates shall be eligible for exemption from facility use fees. If you meet those criteria, please click "Yes."

  29. You must answer the questions labelled 1 through 7 from the above paragraph about fee waivers. Each question must be answered to receive a fee waiver.

  30. Ex: Pre-Written Fee Waiver Request, Proof of 501(c)3 Status

  31. Sold Ticket Surcharge*

    There is a $1.00 per sold ticket surcharge for events that have paid admissions into this facility. If tickets are being given away for free, then that fee is not applicable to those tickets. This surcharge fee goes into our capital improvement fund, which allows us to improve the facilities. For example, new stadium seating at Sandy Downs Arena. The ticket surcharge is due within 14 days of the end of the event. They can be paid with check made out to the City of Idaho Falls. The address is 520 Memorial Dr, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402. If an event does not charge for attending, there is no fee due to the City.

  32. Charging a Parking Fee*

    Event organizers are allowed to charge at fee to attendees for parking at Sandy Downs. However, the city has a $1 surcharge for each parked car, if an event chooses to charge for parking at an event. The event organizers are allowed to charge whatever they would like to the attendees, the City just needs to receive $1 per charged parked car. This fee is due For example, attendees could charge $5 to attendees for parking. If 100 cars pay to park, then the City would need $100, and the event organizers would get $400. The event organizers would be in charge of manning and staffing any paid parking lots, and the organizer would need to label the paid parking area on their site plans. This surcharge fee goes into our capital improvement fund, which allows us to improve the facilities. For example, new stadium seating at Sandy Downs Arena. The parking surcharge is due within 14 days of the end of the event. They can be paid with check made out to the City of Idaho Falls. The address is 520 Memorial Dr, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402. If an event does not charge for parking, there is no fee due to the City.

  33. Overnight Camping*

    Camping at Sandy Downs Arena is allowed, for a fee. Each campsite is charged $10.00 a night to camp at the facilities. The event organizers are in charge of collecting those fees. The event organizers are allowed to charge whatever they want to the people camping, above and beyond the $10 a night. The $10 fee is due, even if the event organizers do not charge for camping. Camping at this facility is dry, so no alcohol is allowed. There are also no electrical hookups or water hookups for RVs. Campsites are not specified, they just need to be within the facility property. Layout for campsites must be included in the Special Event Application site plan. The event organizers are in charge of running and maintaining those camp sites while the event is ongoing. Campsite rental fees are due within 14 days of the end of the event. They can be paid with check made out to the City of Idaho Falls. The address is 520 Memorial Dr, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402.

  34. What You Receive with a Rental of Our Facilies

    When you rent Sandy Downs Arena from the City of Idaho Falls, you will get: -Access to facilities on site, such as the ticket booth, grandstands, commercial kitchen, arena, parking areas -the arena grounds will be prepped and ready for a standard event. If your event is multiple days, it is up to you to maintain the arena -Access to the arena lights -staff will be on hand to empty garbage cans, clean bathrooms, and handle any minor issues during your event -If you pay for a rodeo set-up fee, you will also receive animal pens and panels, set up to your specification from your site plan. If you need to maintain the areas over multiple days, you may bring in your own machinery and operators, or you may rent those items from the City for an additional cost.

  35. Post Event Checklist for Events

    When an event has finished up, you must have the facility cleaned and organized, with all your event items removed, by the following day at noon. For example, if your event is on a Friday night, you have until Saturday at noon to have the facility cleaned and organized. This final event checklist will be done with an event organizer and City of Idaho Falls employee. If the checklist is not done, or items are not up to our standards, the organizer may be charged a fee, up to their full refundable deposit.

  36. Post Event Checklist for Sandy Downs

    Kitchen 1. Grills scraped and scrubbed 2. All grease traps dumped and washed 3. Whole grill cleaned & wiped down 4. fryers dumped and flushed clean 5. Fryers cleaned and wiped down 6. Vents over grill rinsed and wiped down 7. Vent traps dumped and washed 8. All coolers and fridges cleaned out and wiped inside and out 9. All counters, sinks, and prep areas cleaned and wiped down 10. Floors swept and mopped thoroughly and grease free 11. All garbage and signs hauled to dumpster 12. Lights turned off Beer Booth 1. All beer kegs, boxes, etc. hauled out of cooler to dumpster 2. All counters, sinks, and taps cleaned and wiped down 3. Any garbage, signs, or anything else hauled to dumpster 4. Floor swept and mopped thoroughly Parking Areas 1. All parking areas must be cleared of trash and debris 2. Any signs, markers, posts, or fence removed, disposed of, or repaired. Main Area Outside 1. All garbage, signs, garbage cans, etc. hauled to dumpster and dumped. 2. All tables and equipment returned to original location 3. All trash and any excessive mess picked up and restrooms cleaned. Camping Area 1. Entire camping area has trash and items removed Grandstands 1. All trash removed from grandstand area Rodeo Area 1. Announcers booth cleaned and swept/all windows and doors shut 2. All signs taken down and hauled off 3. Garbage in whole area inside fence & out picked up and placed in dumpster 4. All gates and pens returned to their normal set up 5. Any temporary fence or posts removed immediately after event 6. Any equipment, vehicles, trailers, removed after event. 7. All Debris removed from area

  37. COVID-19 Health Requirements for Special Events in Idaho Falls

    Interim guidance for safe mass gatherings from the Governor states that all mass gatherings must abide by the requirements described below. This plan can be seen at for more information. When the Special Events Committee is reviewing your application, they will be looking to make sure each item below is addressed to their standards. If the Special Event Committee feels that a requirement is not being addressed to the standards of safety that is expected, then the application will not be approved until the event organizer has laid out a plan that meets the standards. If the event organizer would like input on how to safely organize their event, it is recommended they reach out to the local Public Health District at 208-522-0310, or the Idaho Falls Special Event Coordinator at 208-612-8786.

  38. Please explain how and when you will be contacting Eastern Idaho Public Health officials.

  39. Please explain either how your event is outdoors, or why your event must take place inside.

  40. Please state your plan for how you will be maintaining the physical distancing for employees and attendees.

  41. Please state your plan for providing adequate sanitation and personal hygiene for the event space, employees, vendors, and attendees of your event.

  42. Please explain your strategy for addressing ill employees.

  43. Please explain your plan on use of Personal Protective Equipment for employees, vendors, and/or attendees.

  44. Please explain your plan for how your event will be handling food, drink, and/or concessions for the event. If your event will not be providing those items, then please state that below.

  45. Please explain your plan for handling event entrances and exits. If your event is just open to walk ups and not contained by any fencing or structures, then please state that below.

  46. Please state your plan for addressing potential language, cultural, and disability barriers associating with communicating COVID-19 to your attendees, vendors, and employees. If you feel this does not apply to your event, please explain why below.

  47. Please explain how you will be attempting to limit attendees from communities, states, or countries that are currently experiencing substantial community spread. If your event is made up of and primarily marketed to Eastern Idaho locals, please state that below.

  48. Please explain how your event’s primary audience is not made up of members of the high-risk populations.

  49. Please explain how you will be tracking attendees who buy tickets to your event, and how you will be able to provide Eastern Idaho Public Health with that contact information. If this does not apply to your event, or you will not provide the information if requested to Eastern Idaho Public Health, please explain that below.

  50. If your event has any other plans for keeping your employees, vendors, and attendees safe, please explain them here.

  51. If you have any additional files detailing your plans for the COVID-19 Health Requirements, please upload them here.

  52. COVID-19 Requirements for Special Events in Idaho Falls, Understanding the Rules and Regulations*

    • I (the signer) agree to follow all previously laid out plans for COVID-19 Health Requirements for Special Events in Idaho Falls. I understand that failure to comply with ALL requirements may result in termination of my permit, denial of subsequent permit requests, and forfeiture of the refundable $1,500.00 special event deposit in full. • I (the signer) understand that I am responsible for the conduct of the employees, vendors, and attendees of my special event. This permit is subject to all COVID-19 Health Requirements for Special Events in Idaho Falls as defined by the City of Idaho Falls, in addition to all rules and regulations governing the City's Parks and Recreation Department. • I (the signer) understand that my special event may be cancelled by the Special Event Committee at any time. • I (the signer) have read over the Interim Guidance for Safe Mass Gatherings, which can be found at

  53. Application, Facility, and Equipment Rental Fees

    Check the box of any locations or equipment you will need for your event. Some equipment items will also need a number (ex. Trashcans, picnic tables).

  54. Payment for these items are due within 14 days of application submittal, or the reservation may be removed.

    Payment may be done over the phone at 208-612-8580, or in person at the Recreation Center located at 520 Memorial Drive, Idaho Falls, ID, 83406.

  55. Application and Facility Rental Fees*

    Check the box next to the facility or facility type you will be using. Payment is not taken online. Payment for all Special Event related items must be done over the phone at 208-612-8480, or in person at 520 Memorial Drive, Idaho Falls, ID. Payment is due within 10 business days of the submittal of this application.

  56. Equipment Rentals

  57. Tractor w/ Operator rental

  58. Water Truck w/ Operator

  59. For what, and how how many days do you need the tractor rental?

  60. Trash Can with Liner $4.00 each

  61. Picnic Tables $50 for the first six tables, $5.00/table beyond six

  62. Street Cone/ Sign Rental Items

    To pick up street rental items, go to the Recreation Center Front Desk at 520 Memorial during business hours. The Front Desk person will unlock the rental item storage area once the rental fees are paid. Event Organizers are responsible for the loading and unloading of all rented items. Event Organizers might want to bring volunteers to help load and unload these items. Rental item fees are determined by the length of the event, and they can be picked up 1 (one) business day prior to the needed dates. If the event is on a Saturday, you may pick up the rental items on the prior Friday, and return them the following Monday. You would be charged 1 (one) day, as your event was one-day long. EVENT ORGANIZERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF OF ALL RENTED ITEMS. THEY ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOADING AND UNLOADING OF THOSE ITEMS. ALL RENTED ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED TO RECREATION CENTER AT 520 MEMORIAL DRIVE WITHIN 1 (ONE) BUSINESS DAY OF THE END OF THE EVENT, BY 6 PM. IF RETURNED LATE, EVENT ORGANIZERS WILL BE CHARGED FOR EVERY DAY ITEMS ARE LATE.

  63. Cancellation Policy*

    For cancellations more than thirty (30) days in advance of an event, the City will retain a $7.00 administrative fee from the deposit. For cancellations within thirty (30) days, but more than 7 days of the scheduled event, an additional fee of 15% of the event invoice will also be held from the deposit. For events that are cancelled within 7 days of the event beginning, the city will charge the full refundable deposit of $1,500.00. If a refund check is not received within thirty (30) days, please call the Deputy Treasurer at (208) 612-8218.

  64. Do you have any extra needs or wants that were not covered in the prior sections?*

  65. Please put any extra needs, wants, or comments into this box. We will do our best to accommodate you.

  66. If you have anything extra you would like to upload, please do so here.

  67. Final Details

  68. Event Application Process

    Once this application is submitted, the Special Event Coordinator will look over the application. They will then send out the application to the Special Event Committee, made up of members of different departments within the City. If there are any issues, the Special Event Coordinator will reach out to the event organizer to fix the problems. The event organizer will have to pay all fees within 7 days of the application being submitted, otherwise your event will be removed from the system. Payment can be made over the phone at 208-612-8786, or in person at 520 Memorial Dr, Idaho Falls, ID. For questions, please contact the Special Event Coordinator at 208-612-8786 or


    Payment must be done within 14 days of submitting this application. If payment is not received within 14 days, the event reservation will be removed. Payment may be done over the phone at 208-612-8580, or in person at 520 Memorial Drive.

  70. Special Event Policies and Procedures*

    You must read over the Special Event Policies and Procedures (click the blue words to see the form) before submitting this application.

  71. Special Event Agreement*

    I (the signer) have read this entire Special Event Permit Application and corresponding Special Event Policies and Procedures and agree to abide by ALL rules, regulations and requirements. I have attached all required documentation to this application. I understand that failure to comply with ALL requirements, deadlines and commitments may result in termination of my permit and denial of subsequent permit requests. I (the signer) understand that I am responsible for the conduct of the group and for the condition of the reserved park area. This permit is subject to all Municipal Ordinances as defined by the City of Idaho Falls, in addition to all rules and regulations governing the City's Parks and Recreation Department. I agree that during the use of the park facility, the sponsoring organization will not exclude anyone from participation in, deny anyone the benefits of, or otherwise subject anyone to discrimination because of the person's race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin.

  72. Agreement to Defend, to Hold Harmless, and to Indemnify between City of Idaho Falls, Idaho and Event Sponsor*

    This agreement to defend, to hold harmless and to indemnify, between City of Idaho Falls, Idaho (hereinafter “CITY”) and the sponsor of the event, (hereinafter “Sponsor”) is made and entered into this date, stated below. WHEREAS, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, had been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization; and WHEREAS, COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact; and WHEREAS, the Idaho Governor has issued a series of emergency proclamations to stem against the transmission of COVID-19; and WHEREAS, Sponsor desires to use CITY property to hold an event; and WHEREAS, CITY has required Sponsor to comply with certain social distancing requirement and to comply with the Governor’s current COVID-19 orders; and WHEREAS, CITY cannot guarantee that Sponsor nor Sponsor’s guests, invitees, and attenders will not become infected with COVID-19. NOW, THEREFORE, CITY and Sponsor agree as follows: AGREEMENT TO DEFEND, HOLD HARMLESS, AND INDEMNIFY; Sponsor through its duly and specifically authorized agents, hereby releases CITY and agrees, contracts and covenants not to bring suit and agrees to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify CITY, its officers, employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims, costs, judgments, awards, or liability to any person, including claims by Sponsor’s own agents, officers, employees and representatives to which Sponsor might otherwise be immune, arising from the event scheduled to occur on the previously identified dates, except for claims based upon the sole negligent, intentional acts of CITY. Sponsor expressly agrees to indemnify CITY from any claim arising from the transmission, infection, or injury from COVID-19 that may arise from the event. Inspection, review and/or acceptance by the City of any activity performed by or during the event, or any activity or non-activity by CITY police officers, firefighters, emergency medical professionals, or other officers, employees, agents or representatives of CITY shall not be grounds for avoidance of any of the covenants of defense, indemnification or hold harmless by Sponsor in behalf of CITY contained in this Agreement.

  73. Leave This Blank:

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