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Idaho Falls Power

  1. General Inquiry
  2. Report a Power Outage
  1. Idaho Falls Fiber Network - Contact Us

    Use this form to contact the Idaho Falls Fiber Network

  2. Report a problem with a street light

    Please use the form below or call (208)612-8430 to report a street light issue or outage.

Parks & Recreation

  1. 2019 War Bonnet Round Up Volunteer Form

    The Volunteer Form for the 2018 War Bonnet Round Up, which is August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 2019.

  2. Eagle Scout Project Volunteer Form

    This is a volunteer form for Eagle Scouts only.

  3. Parks and Recreation Volunteer Form and Waiver

    This is a volunteer sign-up and waiver form for general Parks and Recreation Dept. Volunteers.

  4. Special Event Permit Application

    This event application MUST be filled out if your event is a festival, concert, sporting event, gathering, performance, etc., in or at... More…

  1. Animal Services Volunteer Form and Waiver

    This is a volunteer sign-up and waiver form for general Animal Control volunteers.

  2. IF Park Plans - Share Your Input
  3. Snow Shoveling Volunteer Form

    Many people need help clearing sidewalks and driveways after a winter storm. By signing up with this form, you are providing a valuable... More…

  4. Weed Complaint Form

Police Department

  1. Alarm Contact Information

    The Idaho Falls Bonneville Dispatch Center requests that anyone with an alarm system at their business or home provide updated... More…

  2. Idaho Falls Police Department Tours

    Fill out this form if you'd like to set up a tour for a youth group or scout troop.

  1. Contact Form
  2. Vacation Check Request