What is Budget Billing/Level Pay?
Budget Billing, also known as Level Pay, is a payment plan to even out a customer's monthly billings. Under the program, the previous 12 months electricity usage is figured at the rate estimate to be in effect, other applicable utility charges (ex. water, wastewater, sanitation, fiber, etc.) are added, the sum is divided by 12 to arrive at an average monthly cost to be paid each month.

Budget Billing DOES NOT LOWER one's utility bill. It does provide one method to better budget utility expenses. A customer will know in advance how much is expected to pay each month which will help level out the larger winter or summer bills. Budget billing is adjusted annually.

Budget Billing can be set up on automatic payments for a customer's convenience. Contact the City Utility Office at 208-612-8280 to sign up for Budget Billing. You must have lived at your place of residence for one year to be eligible.

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