How will you run the fiber? What is the process of both types of installation?

Each potential Fiber address has been previously engineered and assigned as overhead or underground. How we run our fiber into your home typically is determined by how the power enters the home.

Overhead Installation:

If your utilities run from power poles into your home, our crew will typically follow those power lines as well. Simple as that. Your installation can be scheduled as early as the next day depending on availability.

Underground Installation:

Two different crews will do the install in two steps. The first crew will trench and install conduit prior to the services installation. You do not need to be home for our crews to install conduit in your yard. The second crew will run the fiber from the Fiber box through the conduit to the inside of your home, usually through the cold air return, and install any necessary equipment in your home. They will also test your speeds to make sure everything is running smoothly and set up correctly.

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4. How will you run the fiber? What is the process of both types of installation?
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