Can the police really do all that stuff I see on C.S.I. and other TV shows?
Some of the things shown on television shows are not possible in real life. They are meant to be entertaining to the viewers. The procedures that are real such as DNA and other forensic tests are possible but take longer periods of time to get results. Some results may take 6 months or more. The whole C.S.I. field is changing rapidly and we are aggressively pursuing new C.S.I. technology.

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1. Where is the Police Department located?
2. What are the business hours of the Idaho Falls Police Department?
3. How do I contact the Police Department?
4. Can the police really do all that stuff I see on C.S.I. and other TV shows?
5. How is Neighborhood Watch organized?
6. We would like a speaker for our meeting. Who do we call?
7. I am interested in having my child safety seat inspected to make sure it was installed correctly. Does the Idaho Falls Police provide this service?
8. How do I get a Vacation Watch on my house while I am gone?
9. How do I become part of the Citizens Watch program?
10. I bought a used car and need to have the VIN inspected before I can register it. How can I get a VIN inspection?
11. When does a traffic accident report have to be completed?
12. I just moved to Idaho. When do I have to obtain an in state driver's license and vehicle registration?
13. What are the penalties for impaired (D.U.I.) driving in Idaho?
14. How many officers are in the Department?
15. Where can I find an organizational chart of the Police Department?