Who do I call about ways of lowering monthly utility bill?
Contact Idaho Falls Power/Energy Services. We will work with you to look at billing trends and identify whether there is anything unusual. We also conducts free energy efficiency audits to help you minimize your electric bills.Idaho Falls Power

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1. What do I need to do to get my utilities connected?
2. I am a landlord, how do I find out if power was taken out of my name?
3. How do I arrange for level pay or auto pay?
4. My family is having a tough time paying bills. What type of help is available?
5. I did not get a utility statement this month, what do I owe?
6. Who do I call about ways of lowering monthly utility bill?
7. What are the business hours for paying my bill?
8. Are online payments secure?
9. Where can I pay my utility bill?
10. When will Idaho Falls Power/City of Idaho Falls disconnect my electric service for an unpaid utility bill?
11. Will I receive a notification regarding a pending disconnection?
12. What can I do if I need more time to pay my bill?
13. Does Idaho Falls Power or the City of Idaho Falls offer energy assistance to pay a bill?
14. If I’m disconnected, will I be charged a disconnect fee?
15. If I’ve been disconnected, how can I reconnect electric service?