Welcome to Swimming Lessons

Thanks for choosing the Aquatic Center! We strive to make our lessons above and beyond.  

Here are some tips, rules, and some things to expect.

    • When you get here go ahead and get your swimmer(s) ready for class.
    • Children over the age of 5 must use gender appropriate dressing rooms.
    • Only a swim suit is required for classes.
    • Goggles are not recommended for lower level classes but are helpful in the more advanced classes.
  • Please make sure that your swimmers use the bathroom, and showers with soap before class.
  • Any child 3 and under is required to wear a diaper specifically made for swimming.
  • Any child that is not potty trained will need to wear a diaper specifically made for swimming.
  • On deck there is a sign for each level (Preschool classes meet on the south side of the pool, Learn to Swim classes meet on the north side), this is where your teacher will meet you.
  • No swimmers should be in the water without an instructor.
  • Once your swimmer is situated in class, please observe class from the balcony area. 
  • Any swimmer under 8 years old will need a responsible adult in the building during the lessons. 
  • Each class will include a water safety topic. 
  • When the lesson is over you can come out on the deck and pick up your swimmer.
  • On the last day, the instructor will give each swimmer a report card to let you how your swimmer has progressed. If your swimmer mastered all of the skills for that level he/she will receive a Red Cross Swimmer Advancement card along with his/her report card.

Here at the Aquatic Center, we strive to provide the best swimming lessons possible.  If at any time, you are not satisfied with your swim lesson experience, please talk to someone at the front desk and let us help you. It is easier to correct a problem early, instead of waiting until the end.  If you would rather email, please contact Ashli Johnson or Sara Jensen


The Aquatic Center understands that schedules change and kids get sick. Please remember, there are no refunds or credits for these classes without a doctors note. 


To the right, you will find a Newsletter for each level, these will tell you about each level including the type of skills they are going to cover in the class as well as some water safety tips.

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