Steps to Take Immediately After a Crime

Sometimes injuries that do no seem serious at first can get worse later. As soon as possible after the assault, see a doctor or go to a hospital even if you don't think you've been seriously injured.

Document the Crime

Photograph visible physical injuries such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, torn clothing, and so on. Keep a list of the names of police officers, hospital workers, and court officials to whom you speak, and write down what they say.

If You Have Been Victimized, Call 911

If you have not reported a crime right after it happens, you can also report the incident by going to the police precinct where the incident occurred or by calling the non-emergency number 208-529-1200.

If the Abuse is at Home

If you are being abused at home, make an escape plan in case you have to leave quickly.
Keep medication and important papers, such as identification, driver's license, social security, Medicaid card, keys, money and checkbook, with you, or put them where you know you can get them. Figure out who you can stay with or where you can go in an emergency. Get information on your legal rights and options.