Horticulture & Urban Forestry

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The Horticulture and Urban Forestry section of the Parks Department manages more than 17,000 public trees in city parks and street rights-of-way. This section also maintains, grows and plants flowers and plants for more than 150 flower and landscape beds and 120 flower baskets in city parks and public spaces.

Services and Programs

  • Produces greenhouse crop from seed and vegetative cuttings, manages tree farm at Sandy Downs
  • Rotational pruning for tree health and safety of both trees in city parks and in the public street rights-of-way
  • Street tree inventory and planting program
  • Removal of dead, diseased or potentially dangerous tree
  • Tree safety inspection program and Integrated pest management program
  • Maintenance of more than 200 landscape flower and shrub beds in city parks
  • Coordination of the Adopt-A-Flower Bed and Arbor Day program
  • Provides development design review and enforcement of tree protection codes

Tree Care

How to Plant a Tree
How to Prune Trees
Why Topping Hurts Trees

Street Trees

Idaho Falls Tree Trimming Brochure
Idaho Falls Tree Trimming in Rights-of-Way for Public Safety
Idaho Falls Tree Zone Map
Idaho Falls 2019 Enforcement Zone
Idaho Falls 2020 Enforcement Zone

Forestry Publications

Idaho Falls City Code Community Forestry
Idaho Falls Trees and Shrubs Selection Guide
Tree Owner's Manual-National Edition