The Cemetery section of the Parks Department manages both Rose Hill and Fielding Cemeteries. Every effort is made to maintain the cemeteries with the respect deserved of the deceased. Our staff works with funeral directors and the public to ensure the burial portion of the death process is handled professionally and with compassion for each individual's needs.

Cemeteries in Idaho Falls

Rose Hill Cemetery
Fielding Cemetery

Services & Programs

Cemetery employees are responsible for burial lot preparation and funeral assistance for more than 150 burials per year. They are also responsible for general maintenance for more than 25,000 headstones, several niche walls including repair and leveling, lawn care, trimming and removal of trees when necessary.

In 2013, staff repaired the main road at Rose Hill and added a metal roof and siding and garage doors on the storage facility. Employees have also constructed ADA accessible restroom and one break room in the old shop space at Fielding Cemetery. The staff also provides for proper irrigation that includes ensuring pumps, water lines and main lines are functioning properly.