South America

Eavesdrop on the constant conversation of the flock of flamingos. Meet the guanaco, a relative of the llama. See our variety of macaws. Visit the Primate Discovery Center to meet the critically endangered cotton-topped tamarin and golden lion tamarin.

Exhibit Animals

View photos of animals on exhibit at the Idaho Falls Zoo (PDF).
Scientific Name
Blue and Yellow MacawAra ararauna
Chilean FlamingoPhoenicopterus chilensis
Cinnamon TealAnas cyanoptera
Cotton-top TamarinSaguinus oedipus
Golden Lion TamarinLeontopithecus rosalia
Greater RheaRhea
GuanacoLama guanicoe
Hyacinth MacawAnodorhynchus hyacinthinus
Military MacawAra militaris
Patagonian CavyDolichotis patagonum
Roseate SpoonbillAjaia ajaja
Scarlet MacawAra macao
White-faced Whistling DuckDendrocygna viduata