Asia is a continent full of cultural connections to the animals and the people that live there. As you enter the zoo, to your left is Little Asia featuring:
  • Demoiselle Crane
  • White-crested Laughing Thrush
  • Prevost's Tree Squirrel
  • Muntjac Deer

Asian Adventure

On the northwest end of the zoo, you'll find Bactrian camels, snow leopards, sloth bears, red-crowned cranes and red pandas.

Primate Discovery Center

Don't miss our Asian primates at the Primate Discovery Center including the white-handed and Mueller's grey gibbons.

Exhibit Animals

View photos of animals on exhibit at the Idaho Falls Zoo (PDF).
Sloth Bear
Photo: Megan Donovan
Scientific Name
Amur TigerPanthera tigris altaica
Azure-winged MagpieCyanopica cyanus
Bactrian CamelCamelus bactrianus
Baikal TealAnas formosa
Demoiselle CraneAnthropoides virgo
Grey GibbonHylobates muelleri muelleri
Prevost's SquirrelCallosciurus prevostii
Red PandaAilurus fulgens fulgens
Red-crowned CraneGrus japonensis
Reeves' MuntjacMuntiacus reevesi
Sloth BearMelursus ursinus
Snow LeopardUncia uncia
Temminck's TragopanTragopan temminckii
White-crested Laughing ThrushGarrulax leucolophus
White-handed Gibbon (Lar)Hylobates lar