Join our African lions in keeping an eye on the Grant's Zebra herd in the next exhibit or see our 600-pound Aldabra Tortoise munch grass. Come explore Kamp Kiwanja where you can discover what it's like to be a researcher in the African Savannah.

Exhibit Animals

View photos of animals on exhibit at the Idaho Falls Zoo (PDF).
Zebra Against Wood Wall
 Animal Scientific Name
African LionPanthera leo
African Spurred TortoiseGeochelone sulcata
Aldabra TortoiseAldabrachelys gigantea
Black-and white ColobusColobus guereza
Black-footed PenguinSpheniscus demersus
Blue-bellied Roller
Coracias cyanogaster
Cape Thick-kneeBurhinus capensis
De Brazza's MonkeyCercopithecus neglectus
Grant's ZebraEquus burchellii boehmi
Green WoodhoopoePhoeniculus purpureus
Grey Crowned CraneBalearica regulorum
Helmeted GuineafowlNumida meleagris
Lady Ross's TuracoMusophaga rossae
Leopard TortoiseStigmochelys pardalis
Lilac-breasted RollerCoracias caudatus
Red-and-yellow BarbetTrachyphonus erythrocephalus
Red-flanked DuikerCephalophus rufilatus
Red-ruffed LemurVarecia rubra
Ring-tailed LemurLemur catta
Rock HyraxProcavia capensis
Sacred IbisThreskiornis aethiopicus
ServalLeptailurus serval
Silvery-cheeked HornbillBycanistes brevis
Snowy-headed Robin ChatCossypha niveicapilla
Southern Ground HornbillBucorvus leadbeateri
Spur-winged LapwingVanellus spinosus
Superb StarlingSpreo superbus
Taveta Golden WeaverPloceus castaneiceps
White-cheeked TuracoTauraco leucotis
White-headed Buffalo WeaverDinemellia dinemelli