The Property and Evidence Section is responsible to provide the secure storage of all property which is in the custody of the Idaho Falls Police Department until such time that it is needed for analysis, court, or authorized for final disposition.

To claim found property, proof of ownership must first be established by a law enforcement officer.

Property being held as evidence can only be released once an Authorization to Release Property Application (PDF) has been approved by an officer, prosecutor or judge depending on the case type and status.

Please carefully read and follow the below listed instructions:

Before You Visit the Evidence Unit

Please call the Evidence Unit phone number at 208-612-8651 to speak with Evidence personnel. You need to confirm that the item(s) that you are retrieving have been released by the investigating officer or prosecuting attorney. We will not release anything without proper authorization.

Items to Bring With You

You must have valid, personal, government issued photo identification and your Incident/Case/Report number. In addition, any paperwork that was sent to you such as a notification card, letter, etc. If you are wishing to retrieve a firearm(s) you will also need to provide proof of ownership.