Junior High Dive Practices

These dive practices are scheduled to help participants in the Jr High Swim Team program practice and perfect dives and racing starts.  Each team is scheduled for one dive practice and counts as a team practice. Those that are not dive certified must attend and pass off diving skills.  If one cannot attend the scheduled team dive practice, it can be made up during another team’s dive practice or there are available clinics during the Christmas break. 

Dive Clinic Schedule  Cost - $6/clinic   
Register by calling, 208-612-8519 or at the front desk.

Team Dive Practice Schedule 2018

Spartans      Saturday, December 9     4:00-5:00pm

Dragons       Saturday, December 9     5:00-6:00pm

Panthers      Saturday, December 16    12:00-1:00pm

Eagles          Saturday, December 16    4:00-5:00pm

Wolverines   Saturday, December 16    5:00-6:00pm

Clinic Dates

Tuesday, December  26            10:15-11:15am

Wednesday, December 27      10:15-11:15am

Thursday, December 28            10:15-11:15am

Thursday, December 28             8:00-9:00pm

Friday, December 29                  10:15-11:15am


Swimmers on the starting block getting ready to dive.