Mermaid Experience

This 2-hour Mermaid Experience will give any human, whether young or old, male or female the opportunity to become a mermaid or merman. During this session, a trained mermaid instructor will teach how to put the tail on and to take if off again along with some basic movements in the water and mermaid fun and games. There will be time during the class for self-exploration and games, including diving for treasures at the bottom of the deep end.

Once a mermaid or merman is comfortable using the tails, a certification will be given. Certification earned will allow swimmer to use tails during any evening. Only certified mermaids will be allowed to use mermaid fins and tails during public swim time. Classes may be cancelled due to lack of registration.

Register for classes online.

Prerequisites for the Class

Pass ARC Level 2 swim lessons, or be able to complete the following skills:
  • Be comfortable in deep water
  • Blow bubbles out of nose
  • Float 30 seconds on back, 30 second on front (must take a breath while on front)
  • Glide half-way across shallow end
  • Kick with head out of water
  • Roll from front to back, roll from back to front
  • Swim 25 yards in any manner

Class Includes

The experience will cover the following items:
  • A photo will be taken and emailed to all participants
  • Basic movements while wearing the tail.
  • Diving for treasures at the bottom of the deep end (or shallow end)
  • Free time to practice with your mermaid tail
  • How to take care of your mermaid tail.
  • Putting on and taking off the mermaid tail
  • Safety Rules while wearing a mermaid tail