Graffiti / Vandalism

The Idaho Falls Police Department spends dedicated time and money in cleaning up graffiti that occurs within the city. Annually, the department has anywhere from 100 to 150 reported cases of graffiti each year. Thanks to volunteers from throughout the city, much of the graffiti found is cleaned up at a minimal cost.

What Graffiti Is

Graffiti is the words, colors, and shapes drawn or scratched on buildings, overpasses, train cars, desks, and other surfaces. It's done without permission and it's against the law. The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program considers graffiti vandalism.
Volunteers Painting Over Graffiti

How a Community is "Hurt" by Graffiti

Graffiti sends a negative message that nobody cares attracting other forms of crime and street delinquency to neighborhoods. It also decreases property values, sense of safety and security and community growth. Graffiti is also a drain on tax dollars as money that could be spent on schools, roads, parks and other community improvements are used to clean up graffiti.

The Best Way to Prevent Graffiti

  • The IFPD strives to educate residents about graffiti and about the importance of cleaning up graffiti. Cleaning up graffiti is an important step as it deters future graffiti from reoccurring.
  • The police department works to ensure that reported graffiti is cleaned up within 48 hours of notice as directed by the existing city code. Law enforcement personnel work with residents in ensuring that graffiti on private property is cleaned us as soon as possible.
  • The IFPD works with groups or individuals on beautification projects, such as murals, that would help alleviate graffiti in areas that are a frequent target.

How You Can Help Clean-Up Graffiti

Volunteers are an essential part of cleaning up graffiti within the city. If you are interested in becoming involved in clean-up projects contact the Community Projects Coordinators. Clean-up parties are organized on a need basis. Organized clean-ups occur frequently during the spring and summer months when graffiti is most likely to occur.

Residents can also get involved in the clean-up by reporting graffiti when it occurs. Become the eyes and ears of the department and help us know where there are problem areas.