Commercially Available Computer Security Products

Laptop Security Cables

Think of it as a bike cable for your laptop. Some of these connect to your laptop’s built in security slot and have combination or keyed locks. Just loop the cable around an immovable object and secure it to the laptop security slot. These items range in price between $20-50.

Laptop Security Brackets

These come in many varieties. Some secure the laptop to a surface by bolting the bracket to a surface while others connect to a cable. They can secure the laptop in either an open or closed opposition depending on the type you get. The price range on these is about $100-$120.

Laptop Lockers

Laptop Lockers are safes designed to securely store laptop computers and other valuables. They can be mounted anywhere and deter theft and unwanted access. These cost around $125.

Computer Tracking Software

These “LoJack for Laptops” software tracks the location of a computer hard drive when that system accesses the Internet and notifies theft recover teams as to it’s exact location. Seattle Police recovered several laptops in the past 12 months as a result of this software.