Kids Tri Harder Triathlon

Kids Tri Thank You 2020
A triathlon for kids ages 3-13.   
This is a great way to introduce kids to the sport of triathlons or just push their limits. 
The entire triathlon is completed at the Wes Deist Aquatic Center.
Participants will start with a swim in the pool, then a bike around the block, and then a run in the parking lot at the Aquatic Center.
After finishing, each participant will receive a medal and can enjoy a delicious breakfast!

NEW FOR 2020 - VIRTUAL KIDS TRIATHLON!  Not ready to race in public?  That's okay - sign up for the Virtual Event.  Complete the entire race in your comfort zone and pick up the bib, medal, and shirt after!  Any age can participate in this event!  Call (208) 612-8519 for more information.  

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Results for the 2019 Smith Honda Kids Tri Harder Triathlon