Class Descriptions

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This year classes will be held once a week on Tues., Wed., or Thurs.  You have the option to sign up for more than one class per week.

The City of Idaho Falls strives to make their program inclusive and accessible for all individuals.  If your child requires individual accommodations due to any condition, impairment or as a result of any injury, please contact us and let us know how we can properly make accommodations.

Adult (18+)

This class is designed for adults of all ages and skating abilities with an emphasis on fun, fitness and camaraderie.  Class begins with a warm up, followed by group instruction of basic skills, balance, coordination, and technique.  Group instruction is followed by time for individual help, practice, and/or instruction of more advanced skills and dance patterns.  All skaters are encouraged to skate at their own comfort level.  Adults may register for a full session or take advantage of the daily drop-in rate.  

Power Skating/Edge Class


This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced skater to increase power and control in figure skating.  The focus will be to increase endurance and strength while developing control and power through skating skills and edges.  Must pass Basic 4

Snowplow Sam Classes

Snowplow Sam classes are introductory classes designed for children ages 4 - 6 yrs.  Classes are divided into 4 progressive levels that will build confidence while skaters learn basic skating skills and develop the ABC's of movement - Agility, Balance, Coordination, and speed.  Class size is limited to ensure quality instruction with a low teacher student ratio.

Snowplow Sam 1

  • Sit and stand up with skates on - off-ice
  • Sit and stand up - on-ice
  • March in place
  • March forward (8-10 steps)
  • March, then glide on two feet
  • Dip in place

Snowplow Sam 2

  • March followed by a long glide
  • Dip while moving
  • Backward walking, toes turned inward, shifting weight (4-6 steps)
  • Backward wiggles (6 in a row)
  • Forward swizzles (2-3 in a row)
  • Beginning snowplow stop motion - in place or holding onto barrier
  • Two-foot hop, in place (optional)

Snowplow Sam 3

  • Forward skating (8-10 strides)
  • Forward one-foot glide, two times skater's height (R and L)
  • Forward swizzles (4-6 in a row)
  • Backward swizzles (2-3 in a row)
  • Moving forward snowplow stop (two-foot)
  • Curves

Snowplow Sam 4

  • Forward skating
  • Backward two-foot glide, length of skater's height
  • Backward swizzles (4-6 in a row)
  • Rocking horse - one forward, one backward swizzle, repeat twice
  • Two-foot turns from forward to backward, in place (both directions)
  • Two-foot hop, hop in place

Basic Skills Classes

These classes are for kids 7 to 18 years old

Basic 1

  • Sit on ice and stand up
  • March forward across the ice
  • Forward two-foot glide
  • Dip
  • Forward swizzles - 6-8 in a row
  • Backward wiggles - 6-8 in a row
  • Beginning snowplow stop on two feet or one foot
Bonus skill: Two-foot hop in place

Basic 2

  • Scooter pushes - R and L
  • Forward one-foot glides - R and L
  • Backward two-foot glide - Glide the length of skater's height
  • Rocking Horse (one forward swizzle, one backward swizzle) - Repeat twice
  • Backward swizzles - 6-8 in a row
  • Two-foot turns from forward to backward in place - clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Moving snowplow stop
Bonus skill: Curves

Basic 3

  • Beginning forward stroking showing correct use of blade
  • Forward half swizzle pumps on a circle - 6-8 consecutive clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Moving forward to backward two foot turns on a circle - clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Beginning backward one-foot glides - focus on balance
  • Backward snowplow stop - R and L
  • Forward slalom
Bonus skill: Forward pivots - clockwise and counterclockwise

Basic 4

  • Forward outside edge on a circle - R and L
  • Forward inside edge on a circle - R and L
  • Forward crossovers - clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Backward half swizzle pumps on a circle - clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Backward one-foot glides - R and L
  • Beginning two-foot spin - Up to two revolutions
Bonus skill: Forward lunges - both legs

Basic 5

  • Backward outside edge on a circle - R and L
  • Backward inside edge on a circle - R and L
  • Backward crossovers - clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Forward outside three-turn - R and L
  • Advanced two-foot spin - 4-6
  • Hockey stop - both directions
Bonus skill: Side toe hop - R and L

Basic 6

  • Forward inside three-turn - R and L
  • Moving backward to forward two foot turn on a circle - clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Backward stroking
  • Beginning one-foot spin - 2-4 revolutions, optional free leg position and entry
  • T-stops - R and L
  • Bunny hop
  • Forward spiral on a straight line - R or L
Bonus skill: Shoot the duck - R or L

Free-skate Classes (Advanced Skaters)

Each free skate level is comprised of a variety of progressive skating skills, transitions, spins and jumps - all of which build on the previous skill, providing skaters a strong foundation of all elements. These levels will be taught in a positive and interactive group format such as a bridge program, circuit classes or as an introductory training program. Instructors will focus on quality and mastery of skills.

Pre-Free Skate 

  • Forward inside open mohawk from a standstill position (R to L and L to R)
  • Backward crossovers to a backward outside edge glides (landing position), clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Backward outside edge to a forward outside edge transition, clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Two forward crossovers into a forward inside mohawk, step down and cross behind, step into one backward crossover and step to a forward inside edge, clockwise and counterclockwise
  • One-foot upright spin, optional entry and free-foot position (minimum three revolutions)
  • Mazurka (R and L) jump
  • Waltz jump
Bonus Skill: Backward inside pivots, clockwise and counterclockwise

Free Skate 1 Skating Skills

  • Forward power stroking, clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Basic forward outside and forward inside consecutive edges (four to six consecutive edges)
  • Backward outside three-turns (R and L)
  • Upright spin, entry from back crossovers (min. four to six revolutions)
  • Half flip
  • Toe loop
Bonus Skill: Waltz jump-side toe hop-waltz jump sequence, or waltz jump ballet jump-toe loop sequence

Free Skate 2 Skating Skills

  • Alternating forward outside and inside spirals on a continuous axis (two sets)
  • Basic backward outside and backward inside consecutive edges (four to six consecutive edges)
  • Backward inside three-turns (R and L)
  • Beginning back spin (up to two revolutions)
  • Half Lutz
  • Salchow
Bonus Skill: Variation of a forward spiral, skater's choice

Free Skate 3 Skating Skills

  • Alternating backward crossovers to back outside edges - Four sets
  • Alternating mohawk/crossover sequence (R to L and L to R)
  • Waltz three-turns (forward outside three turn, backward outside edge glide), clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Advanced back spin with free foot in crossed leg position (min. three revolutions)
  • Loop jump
  • Waltz jump-toe loop or Salchow-toe loop combination
Bonus Skill: Toe step sequence, skater's choice, using a variety of toe steps

Free Skate 4 Skating Skills

  • Forward power three-turns (R and L), 3 sets each
  • Waltz eight, clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Forward upright spin to backward upright spin (3 revs., each foot)
  • Sit spin (minimum three revolutions)
  • Half loop
  • Flip
Bonus Skill: Split jump, stag jump or split falling leaf

Free Skate 5 Skating Skills

  • Backward outside three-turn, mohawk (backward power three-turns), clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Five-step mohawk sequence, clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Camel spin (minimum three revolutions)
  • Waltz jump-loop jump combination
  • Lutz jump
Bonus Skill: Loop-loop combination

Free Skate 6 Skating Skills

  • Forward power pulls (R and L)
  • Creative step sequence, skater's choice, using a variety of three-turns, mohawks and toe steps
  • Camel-sit spin combination (minimum two revolutions each position)
  • Layback or attitude spin or cross-foot spin (three revolutions)
  • Waltz jump-half loop-Salchow jump sequence
  • Axel
Bonus Skill: Backward outside pivot, entry optional

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