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Neighbors working together and staying alert, can really help improve the safety of a neighborhood. Neighborhood security encompasses a lot of different ideas and strategies. However, the unifying element is the need for neighbors to work both as individuals and as a coordinated team.

If your neighborhood is having chronic problems with nuisances such as noise and speeding, or more serious problems such as drug or gang activities, you are not powerless to change the situation. The immediate role of the police is to respond to criminal activity, but when a situation is part of a recurring problem, active neighbors help investigations and allow police to take further action.

Your response can, as well as that of your neighbor, make a difference. Often times the partnership between neighbors and police are required to resolve the problem.

What Can You Do?

  • Use home security methods: There are easy ways to protect your house from becoming an easy target for burglars.
  • Report crime: Don't assume that your neighbors have already reported the crime or that the police already know what is going on.
  • Don't be part of the problem: When you live in a residential neighborhood, your actions are felt by others. By not speeding, maintaining your house and property, and being thoughtful about noise levels - you will set a standard of behavior for others in your neighborhood to follow.

What Can Neighbors Do?

  • Start a neighborhood watch: an active Block Watch may be the most important tool you have to reclaim your neighborhood, or to stop problems before they get too serious.
  • Be a good neighbor: Meet your neighbors, keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood and report suspicious activities.
  • Keep a log: If your neighborhood is experiencing chronic problems, keeping records of where, when and what kind of activity occurred will help later, especially if there is a criminal prosecution or need to establish a pattern of behavior.
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