Flag Football

This program is a developmentally appropriate program for kids in grades 1st to 4th. Divisions will play by 1st - 2nd grade and a 3rd-4th grade division. 
The league the child plays is determined by the grade they are going into for the 2023-2024 school year.  Participant my play up a grade, but may not play down.  
Unique circumstances may be considered and permitted by the Recreation Department 


  • $56.00 per player (includes shirt) (tax included))

Registration begins May 31, 2023

Season Begins August 19, 2023


8 game season, 2 games per week.
Games on Saturdays and Tue-Fri Nights. 
Location: Community Park

Registration - This is a TEAM registration - Download Team Packet

To create a team for registration - contact the Rec Center at (208) 612-8580

If you are unable to form your own team, but would like your child to join a team.  Register for the "Flag Football Pick Up List"  and you will be contacted if your player is needed.
A child on the pickup list is not guaranteed a spot on a team.  

1st/2nd Grade Schedule
3rd/4th  Grade Schedule 

Additional Information

  • 1st/2nd division play with a 1/2 peewee size football
  • 3rd/4th division play with a 3/4 jr or internal size football
  • Coaches Contacts