Public Safety Tips & Information

Community members are reminded to pay extra attention to safety precautions during this busy Independence Day holiday, have patience, and plan ahead to ensure the safety of residents and guests.

Every Idaho Falls Police Officer will be working on July 4 at Independence Day events and throughout the city. We thank the public for their patience as officers prioritize and address calls for service as quickly and safely as possible. 

EMERGENCIES: Call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. For non-emergency police, fire or EMS issues, call (208)529-1200. If, due to congestion around the events, you are not able to successfully place/receive phone calls or text messages, go to the IFPD post at each event or flag down one of the Idaho Falls Police Officers or Idaho Falls Fire and EMS personnel roving through the events.

During the parade IFPD will be posted at the intersection of S Boulevard and 10th Street, near Common Cents. During Riverfest and the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration, IFPD will be posted at the Northeast corner of Snake River Parkway and Event Center Drive. Look for the blue Idaho Falls Police canopy in the picture below.


LOST CHILD: To report a lost child or to seek help finding a lost child, call 9-1-1.  If you cannot place a call to 9-1-1, flag down one of the police officers roving the events or go to the IFPD posts mentioned above. IFPD recommends that parents take photos of their child, clearly showing their face and clothing, before leaving home on the 4th of July. If your child goes missing, this photo will help in the search.

WATER SAFETY: We encourage the public to stay out of the river, canals and water features in and around Snake River Landing and the Greenbelt/River Walk. The waterways may look refreshing on a hot day, but there are many hidden dangers and water levels are high and fast. Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen and protective clothing to prevent heat-related illnesses.  

PLAN AHEAD: These events are very popular and bring a significant amount of people and traffic to Idaho Falls. Even with the extensive event planning, staffing and accommodations by all entities involved, the public should expect traffic delays. Please have patience and plan accordingly. Traffic signage and plans are in place to ensure safe and coordinated entrance and exists from the events.  Please obey all signs and personnel directing traffic. We encourage everyone attending Riverfest and the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration to view the parking maps provided at and park as directed based on your destination after leaving the fireworks.

EMERGENCY TRAFFIC: Keep emergency vehicle lanes open to allow public safety personnel to respond quickly and safely. When needed, please make safe efforts to make space for public safety personnel to get through quickly, whether on foot, bike, or in a vehicle. 

NO PERSONAL FIREWORKS: By order of the Fire Marshall, personal fireworks are not allowed to be ignited or discharged within fifty feet (50’) of the curb line along any parade route or within any area of public gathering, such as the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration and Riverfest events that take place at Snake River Landing. Private property owners at Snake River Landing have also prohibited fireworks at Snake River Landing.

NO DRONES: Community members are asked not to fly drones at any of the Independence Day festivities, and are reminded that flying drones in the airspace around Snake River Landing on the 4th of July is prohibited due to helicopters already in the airspace. Flying personal drones creates unsafe situations for helicopters that have reserved the airspace with the FAA, and also for first responder use of drones in emergency situations.  

NO ATV’s: No private ATVs, dirt bikes, go carts or other motorized vehicles will be permitted at Snake River Landing. 

NO ALCOHOL: Event organizers and property owners have prohibited all alcohol at Snake River Landing. 

Be safe, have patience, plan ahead and have a wonderful Independence Day, Idaho Falls!