The City of Idaho Falls' Street Division is responsible for the maintenance of the streets, bridges, alleys, and public parking lots within the city limits.

This includes asphalt patching, crack sealing, sweeping, flushing, plowing and other services. To help facilitate all of these activities, the City requires trees to be trimmed a minimum of 15 feet above any public street or alley. (City Code 8-9-10 A2)

Some projects throughout the City are administered by the Engineering Division. Questions on these projects should be directed to the Engineering Division.


Curbs, gutters, and sidewalks in the City limits is the property owner's responsibility to maintain. (City code 8-10) However, the City does offer a curb and gutter program that reimburses a portion of the cost of the curb and gutter.

The Street Division removes leaves from the roadway in the fall months until weather no longer permits. Those living outside our scheduled pick-up areas can call and schedule a pick-up. leaf collection map (PDF). Be aware that the heavy work-load during this time can create a short wait on those special pick-ups.

Plowing and sanding operations are governed by our snow policy while parking restrictions are outlined in the City code 9-5.