Idaho Falls Power provides rebates and zero-interest loans for the installation of windows, insulated doors, and insulation in single family, multifamily, and mobile homes. To participate in our insulation program, your home must first receive a free energy consultation. During the consultation, an IFP representative will evaluate your insulation and windows, provide written recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, and provide you an estimate on your qualifying rebate amount.
The insulation program is offered to qualifying residential electric heat customers  only.  The program is available to owner-occupied homes and rental units with the owners signed permission. Mobile homes qualify for limited measures under this program.

  • The residence must receive its electricity service from Idaho Falls Power.
  • The residence must have permanently installed electric heat.
  • An energy consultation must be performed on the residence by Energy Services personnel prior to the purchase and/or installation of an the weatherization measure for that measure to be eligible for financing or rebate.
  1. Attic Insulation
  2. Windows
  3. Floor Insulation
  4. Wall Insulation
  5. Loan Information and Process
Rebate Offerings, Attic Insulation
 Home Type  Rebate Amount
Single Family  Contact IFP. Rebates depend on existing & new insulation levels
Multifamily                            Contact IFP. Rebates depend on existing & new insulation levels
 Mobile Home  Contact IFP. Rebates depend on existing & new insulation levels

Loan Offerings
Qualifying customers may receive a zero-interest loan (up to $5, 000) in-lieu of a rebate for this measure. Loans are only provided to customers who have 12 months of utility payment history with the City of Idaho Fall and  have no late payments with the City in the last 12 months. For more information about the loan program, please call Idaho Falls.