Home Energy Consultation

Idaho Falls Power offers free Home Energy Consultations for all residential and commercial customers, regardless of space and water heat type.  Consultations vary, depending on customer needs. For customer wishing to better understand high energy bills, consultations will consist of a member of Idaho Falls Power Energy Services team visiting your home to help you better understand your bills and how your home uses energy. Customers wishing to participate in an energy efficiency program may require a simple consultation or a more detailed consultation, depending on your specific needs. More detailed home consultations will include the following:


A customized qualification summary will be provided to you at no cost, and the evaluation will include:
  • A summary of how your home uses energy compared to similar homes in the United States
  • A summary of energy efficient upgrades that will improve your home energy performance
  • Information about zero-interest loan and rebates available for your home upgrades
To schedule your consultation, call Idaho Falls Power at (208) 612-8430