Information Technologies

The Information Technology (IT) Division is the hub of the network/computer infrastructure, data collection, and information systems for all of the City departments and divisions. The IT Division handles the data needs for the City including programming, utility billing and mailing, and the municipal area network infrastructure.


The network infrastructure includes:
  • City Phone System
  • Computer/Software Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Data Storage Requirements
  • Email
  • Integral Portions of the Fiber Network
  • Network and Data Security
  • Website Development and Maintenance


  1. Joseph Nilsson

    Chief Information Technology Officer

  2. Derek Wood

    Systems Administrator
    Phone: 208-612-8416

  3. Oliver Lewis

    Systems Specialist
    Phone: 208-612-8662

  4. Loren Honeycutt

    Business Intelligence Analyst I
    Phone: 208-612-8125

  5. Jared Dawson

    Business Intelligence Analyst I
    Phone: 208-612-8324

  1. Brad Perkins

    IT Technician II
    Phone: 208-612-8360

  2. Nate Pendleton

    IT Technician II
    Phone: 208-612-8242

  3. Cameron Ward

    IT Technician II (Public Safety)
    Phone: 208-612-8246

  4. Ethan Killian

    IT Technician II (Public Safety)
    Phone: 208-612-8136