Community Development Block Grant

CV1/CV3-Communtuy Development Block Grant (CDBG) 

Comments from the 12/10/20 Public Hearing being taken through 12/15/20
Please call or email comments to:
Lisa Farris, Grant Administrator

Comments may also be mailed to:

Community Development Services
Attn: Lisa Farris
P.O. Box 50220 - 680 Park Ave Idaho Falls, ID 83405-0220

Schedule for CV1-CDBG Balance of funds and CV3-CDBG New Funds

                                    11-22-20 thru 11-30-20 Published Notice to Apply for: CV1-CDBG balance of $94,968.8 and                                             CV3-CDBG new funds of $257,585 (allowed up to 8 days to submit applications)
12-01-20 Applications reviewed for criteria, needs, and priorities
12-10-20 Virtual public hearing of proposed activities-Grant Administrator (no applicants)
12-10-20 to 12-15-20 Hold 5-day public comment and consider comments
12-17-20 Council Meeting for Resolution
12-18-20 to 12-22-20 Submit amendment to HUD for final approval

CDBG 12-10-20 Public Hearing for CV1 & CV3

The City of Idaho Falls Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is administered by the Planning Department. This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Over $300,000 is received each year to benefit low and moderate income (LMI) persons or prevent conditions of slum and blight.

Each October the city invites non-profit agencies and city departments to submit project ideas for the grant funds. City Council considers the projects to be included in the Annual Action Plan. Once HUD approves the Plan the projects are funded and constructed.

For questions, please contact Lisa Farris. If communication aids or services or other physical accommodations are needed to participate or access this meeting, please contact Naysha Foster or Lisa Farris within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting so we may accommodate your needs.

Notice to Apply for Balance of Cares Act CDBG Funds (CV1 CDBG) to Address Prevent, Prepare For, and Respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Applications taken through November 30, 2020

Resolution for SA 2020 CDBG AAP

Resolution for SA 2020 CDBG AAP

Notice to Apply for Balance of Cares Act CDBG Funds (CV3-CDBG) to Address Prevent, Prepare For, and Respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Applications taken through November 30, 2020

Notice of Amendment for the 2019 Community Development Block Grant Annual Plan and Citizen Participation Plan 


CARES Act - Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
Assistance through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds
Provided by Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

CARES Act CDBG Funds to Support Coronavirus Response
CV-CDBG Funds provide $5 billion for CDBG COVID 19 grants:
CV-CDBG/1 - $2 billion for FY2020 formula (April 2) - City to receive $250, 072
CV-CDBG/2 - $1 billion for new formula for states/insular areas (May 1). States have the option to allocate to entitlement cities based on needs such as: LMI children/poor health or economic distribution based on unemployment claims data.
CV-CDBG/3 - $2 billion for new formula on a rolling basis and needs (May) 11) DC received allocation to ensure complete national coverage.

CARES Act and how it applies to the City of Idaho Falls
As an entitlement city, CARES Act CV CDBG funds ($250,072) will be allocated tot he City of Idaho Falls to be made available (by applicant) to community partners, agencies,a nd organizations so they may assist low and moderate income individuals and families, including elderly and disabled persons, affected by COVID 19. Proposed applications must demonstrate how the activity will prepare, prevent, and respond to coronavirus.

Notice to Apply for CARES Act CDBG funds (CV CDBG) to address, prepare for and respond to coronavirus (COVID 19).
Applications taken from May 31, thru June 14, 2020. View entire notice to apply and tentative schedule by clicking on pdf document below entitled:
Notice to Apply for CV CDBG Grabt Funds.

Notice of Amendments for the 2019 Community Development Block Grant Annual Action Plan AND Citizen Participation Plan Section of CDBG Five Year Consolidated Plan.

View entire notice of amendments by clicking on pdf docs below entitled:
Notice of Subtantial Amendment to 2018 CDBG Annual Action and Citizen Participation Plans; Current and Proposed Substantial Amendment of CPP Section of CDBG Five Year Consolidatied Plan.

For questions, please contact Lisa Farris by phone: 208-612-8323, or by email at, orin person at City Hall Annex, 680 Park Ave., Idaho Falls.