Code Enforcement

Code enforcement plays an important role in maintaining healthy, attractive neighborhoods. A deteriorating neighborhood quickly becomes a magnet for serious crime. A decaying neighborhood diminishes the quality of life for the majority of citizens because of the constant barrage of petty crimes and disorder problems. When a neighborhood can combat petty crimes, it has been proven that more serious crimes are reduced.

Code enforcement strives to work with neighborhood groups and other organizations as partners in their endeavors to preserve our community's neighborhoods. The residents must be involved as both the "eyes and ears" to prevent and solve crimes.

Our primary function is to help clean up neighborhoods. The following may be violations of city ordinances, and Code Enforcement Officers will work to enforce them:

  • Accumulation of litter and debris.
  • Nonlicensed and nonfunctioning vehicles.
  • Weeds over 10" tall.
  • Blocking public sidewalks.
  • Parking on front lawns. 
  • Blocking clear view.
  • Abandoned vehicles on the street. 
  • And other code violations not listed here.

Violations that are not brought into compliance are subject to fines each day the property is out of compliance. The fine for the first day is $35.00. The second day is $75.00. The third day and any subsequent day is $150.00 per day. Unresolved fees may result in a lien being placed on the property. Unresolved violations may result in a misdemeanor citation. 

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Old furniture and junk sitting on a driveway.
A yard filled with junk, including a broken down lawn mower.