The Planning Division works with the Planning & Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and City Council to administer the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance. The Planning Division assists the Planning & Zoning Commission to prepare and implement the Comprehensive Plan, a general guide for future growth and development of the city adopted by the Mayor and City Council. Our goal is to assist elected decision makers in the development of a plan for the city's future which reflects the vision, needs and values of the citizens of Idaho Falls.

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South Downtown 

South Downtown Story Map

Idaho Falls is a steadily growing community and smart growth requires a thorough understanding of the social and economic conditions of the area. Aiding this understanding is the 2014 Social and Economic Profile, a document adopted as part of the City of Idaho Falls Comprehensive Plan. It provides details on a range of data but keys in on three specific areas: population & demographics, housing and local economy & employment. The following link provides a dashboard which dives further into these topics through an interactive data-driven experience: Social and Economic Profile Dashboard