Community Services

In addition to the generation, system maintenance and transmission of electricity to homes and businesses, Idaho Falls Power (IFP) offers a number of programs and services that benefit its customers and the community.

Parks & Recreation

IFP's four hydroelectric plants along the Snake River have provided opportunities for the development of recreational sites. Parks, playgrounds, pathways and picnic areas have been built on the banks of the river adjacent to the plants. The quiet, slow-moving waters above each of the plants have provided opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing and ice fishing in the winter. Areas have been built for riparian habitat and waterfowl nesting, as well as a children's fishing pond at the Gem State site.

Events & Education

To keep customers informed on utility issues including electric safety and energy efficiency, information is disseminated to customers through our website, newsletters, brochures, newspaper ads and articles, and radio and television spots. In addition, we help sponsor and staff community events, and provide a speaker's bureau for local service clubs and organizations.

We also survey our customers periodically to learn what we can do better, and what other services the city's residents would prefer. Each year, IFP sponsors students from area high schools to attend a week long Youth Rally, where they are educated on utility issues and compete for scholarships.