Surplus Energy

Idaho Falls Power (IFP) may, from time to time, have surplus electric energy to sell. IFP hereby provides notice of the potential availability of surplus energy and capacity for durations of one day and longer depending on circumstances. Available quantities and prices of surplus energy will vary.

IFP will make such surplus electric energy sales under terms consistent with Bonneville Power Administration's Policy on Determining Net Requirements of Pacific Northwest Utility Customers under Sections 5(b)(1) and 9(c) of the Northwest Power Act.

Surplus Requests

Requests for specific surplus energy will be accepted by IFP through 3 p.m. MST daily and must be submitted via email to IFP General Manager, Bear Prairie, or Chase Morgan with the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, or by facsimile at 208-612-8435. If no qualified regional entity submits a request made in this manner for surplus electric energy, as provided in the policy, the surplus electric energy may then be made available for sale to out-of-region entities.

Additional Information

Should you have any questions regarding availability of surplus energy or inquiries related to specific offers, please contact Bear Prairie at 208-612-8429 or Chase Morgan at 208-612-8150.