Bonneville Power Administration

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The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is a federal nonprofit agency based in the Pacific Northwest. BPA markets wholesale electrical power from 31 federal hydro projects in the Columbia River Basin, one non-federal nuclear plant in Washington state and several other non-federal power plants. About one-third of the electric power used in the Northwest comes from BPA, and the majority of the power used in Idaho Falls is purchased from BPA.


In addition to its generation assets, BPA operates and maintains the majority of the high-voltage transmission in its service territory and promotes energy efficiency, renewable resources and new technologies to the region's utilities. BPA also funds regional efforts to protect and rebuild fish and wildlife populations affected by federal hydropower facilities in the basin. About 15 percent of the energy charges on an Idaho Falls Power bill are earmarked for these mitigation efforts.

Additional Information

To learn more about the Bonneville Power Administration, visit the BPA website.