Discipline & Performance Management

Progressive discipline is a process of addressing employee poor performance or inappropriate behaviors so that the severity of the discipline increases with the continuance of the performance or behavioral issue. It provides an opportunity for motivated employees to immediately correct an issue before it becomes too severe, and provides the City with performance related documentation.

Progressive Discipline Process

It is generally recommended that the progressive discipline process include:
  1. Informal Verbal Coaching/Warning
  2. Written Warning
  3. Work Improvement Plan
  4. Removal from Work Improvement Plan
  5. Demotion/Suspension/Termination

Discipline & Performance Improvement Guide

The Discipline and Performance Improvement Guide (PDF) is intended to help address both discipline issues for violations of the City's Code of Conduct policy, as well as job-specific performance issues. In addition to this guide, Human Resources is available to assist in constructing a discipline plan. If an issue is raised to the level of demotion, suspension or termination, your Division Director and Human Resources must be contacted prior to taking any action.