Jr. High Program Information

The Jr. High Swim Team program is an instructional, competitive activity. It provides fun, physical fitness, teamwork, and improvement of self-esteem. Personal improvement is the highest objective of the program. This is accomplished through positive encouragement and praise from coaches, family members, and teammates. Each Head Coach has numerous years of experience to guide each swimmer best to improve all aspects of their swimming. 

Program Goals

  • Have fun!
  • Become proficient in both freestyle and backstroke
  • Learn the basics of breaststroke and butterfly
  • Learn to dive from the blocks and perform backstroke starts
  • Learn proper flip- and open-turn techniques
  • Learn proper swimming terminology and etiquette

General Program Information

  • Swimmers will need a swimsuit, goggles, and a swim cap. Swim masks are NOT recommended. 
    • Registration fees include one swim cap for the program; goggles may be purchased at the Aquatic Center or at a retailer of your choice. 
      • Swim caps will be handed out during the first week of practice. Replacement caps are $10.00 each. 
    • Special team swimsuits are not required for this program. However, one-piece swimsuits are strongly recommended for female swimmers. 
  • Team shirts will be passed out as soon as they are available. All swimmers will receive a shirt. 
  • Nearly all communication for the team is sent through city emails. Please ensure that the Aquatic Center has a current email address and phone number for you. 
    • City emails sometimes go to the spam folder. If you are not receiving emails, please check your spam/junk folders first, and ensure to mark the emails as "Not Junk". 
    • If you are still not receiving any emails, please send an email to jrhighswimteam@idahofalls.gov.
  • All Jr. High Swim Team participants can swim during any lap or public swim for a discounted rate of $3.75 ($3.00 City Rate). This price will extend to whoever is with the swimmer(s) at the time of admission. Swimmers must be present and must have their Jr. High Swim Team card. 
  • Bullying in this program will not be tolerated. Those that bully in any way will be removed from the program. 
  • No group or person may create any social media, email, or other profiles pertaining to this program or any other City of Idaho Falls program. 

Program Rules

  • All swimmers must swim and compete with the team for which they are registered. To build team spirit, participants are encouraged to sign up for the team associated with the middle school boundaries in which they currently reside. However, it is not required. 
    • Those who swim for a team whose school they are not currently attending or for a team in whose boundaries they do not currently reside will not earn records for the team they are registered for. Swimmers may only earn records for the team in whose boundaries they reside and only while they swim with that team. 
  • The Jr. High Swim Team program is a team program. Throughout the season, there are 21 scheduled team practices, 20 regular practices, and 1 team dive practice. 
    • To qualify for the Luptak Jr. High Championship Swim Meet, TEN (10) of those practices MUST be swum with your registered team. This helps to build teamwork. It is strongly recommended that swimmers attend at least 16 practices. Attending more practices helps swimmers to improve. Swimmers cannot expect to improve without attending practices.
  • Each swimmer must check in at the front desk before each practice, lap, or public swim. Swimmers will be given a card that allows them to scan in before each practice. 
    • This is the primary means by which attendance is calculated and tracked for the season. If a card is forgotten or lost, please talk to the front desk staff. Replacement cards are $1.00.
    • Each swimmer will be issued a card that has 21 practices on it. This can be used to scan in for swim team practices, make-up practices, and public or lap swims. Once the 21 swims have been used, additional practices may be purchased for $9.00/practice.
    • Remember, 10 of those practices MUST be swum with the swimmer's registered team in order to qualify for the Luptak Jr. High Championship Swim Meet. 
  • To be counted as a team practice, swimmers must swim with their registered team for a minimum of 45 minutes while actively participating in the scheduled workout. 
    • With a doctor's note or advanced approval from the program director, those who are injured may come to practice and do a modified workout for a minimum of 45 minutes and have it count as a team practice. 
  • If your swimmer has missed or will miss a practice, they are welcome to make up that practice with another team. Make-up practice may also be made up during any lap or public swim. However, there are NO coaches available during lap and public swim times. 
  • Diving blocks may only be used under a Jr. High Swim Team coach's supervision. 
  • Swimmers may be disqualified from meets or dismissed from practices for unsportsmanlike conduct, including, but not limited to, swearing, bullying, horseplay, fighting, and/or stealing. 
    • All participants, parents, and observers must act in a respectful, sportsmanlike manner. If the program director, starter/official/referee, lifeguard, or any Aquatic Center staff sees someone not acting in a respectful, sportsmanlike manner or sees an unsafe act occurring, they are allowed to remove that person/people from the practice/meet and/or facility. This includes parents, swimmers, and/or coaches. 


  • Sweatshirts may be ordered at any time before December 5, 2023. This is an optional item for the Jr. High Swim Team program. 
  • The cost for the sweatshirts is $35. They will be back in time for Christmas. 
  • Orders for sweatshirts may be placed in person at the Aquatic Center or by going to https://www.idahofalls.gov/registration

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