Skate Session Descriptions

Public Skate

Public skate sessions are open to any individual in the public.  Skate rentals are available for a fee. Anyone wishing to coach private lessons during public skate times must obtain approval from the Parks and Recreation Department prior to coaching the lesson on the ice. Hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed during public skate times. NOTE: Large groups on Tuesday nights are encouraged to call in advance so we can be prepared.

Discount Public Skate

Discount Public Skate sessions follow the regular public skate description, but sessions include skate rental in the price of admission. 

Freestyle Skate

Freestyle skate sessions are designed for individual figure skaters to practice technical skills, routines, dances, etc. with fewer people on the ice. Freestyle skaters may not have exclusive use of the entire ice arena during these session times. Private instructors are allowed to coach during these session times with prior approval from the Parks and Recreation Department.

Stick and Shoot

Stick and Shoot sessions are open to anyone in the public. These sessions are a great opportunity for hockey players to practice their skills. Nets are put out on the ice during this session for practice. 

Pick Up Hockey

Pick up Hockey sessions are an opportunity for more experienced young adults and adults to play hockey.  We do NOT recommend players under 16 to participate in these sessions.  

Adaptive Skate

Adaptive Skate Sessions will have a section of the ice zoned off for sled hockey/skating use.  New for 2023 City of Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation are partnering with Valley Adaptive Sports to offer sled user hockey/skating.  We are hoping to have equipment for users and the program up and going starting late fall.  Please stay tuned for more information and availability of equipment.  

Pre-School Skate

Pre-School Skate sessions are for our younger pre-school aged children (6 and under) and adult chaperones. Please no older children and/or adults not accompanying a child.