Appearance Request

Appearance Request

  1. The following is an appearance request form for the Mayor, City Council Members, or employees of the City of Idaho Falls. Please be as detailed as possible to provide the requested guest with the information for their requested appearance. Please note the following form does not guarantee an appearance from the requested individual.

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  3. Event information
  4. Is the press/media involved with the event? *
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  6. Are you the point of contact at the event? *
  7. Details of speech
  8. Will there be an audio and visual system?*
  9. Do you expect a visual presentation? *
  10. Will there be a podium?*
  11. Will anyone introduce the Mayor/Council *
  12. * Filling out this form does not guarantee an appearance of the Mayor, City Council Member or City of Idaho Falls Employee. The form is for request purposes and a City representative will contact you soon.

    * Please understand that if the Mayor, City Council Member or City Employee can speak, their schedule may not allow them to attend the entire event.

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