Security Badging

Security badges are required at the Idaho Falls Regional Airport for officials needing access to restricted area in regulation with TSA and CFR 49, part 1542 regulatory requirements. Badges are only issued after applicants undergo mandatory training and background checks.

Fingerprints and Background Checks

New employees and other officials looking to receive a security badge must make a twenty-minute appointment at the badging office for fingerprints and to review their application. 

Badging Forms

When submitting their badging application form, applicants must present the badging office with two forms of ID. One form must be a social security card or U.S. passport. The second may be a driver’s license, state-issued ID, or birth certificate. For questions about qualifying IDs, please contact the badging office at 208-612-8224.

Badging Classes

SIDA badging classes are offered every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Sign up for the next class that best fits and schedule by calling the badging office.

Badging Office

The badging or administration office is located on the first floor of the Idaho Falls Regional Airport. The entrance can be located on the departure side of the building, passing the airline ticket counters.

Employee Parking

Employees of the airport must complete and submit the Employee Parking Form at the IDA badging office. After receiving this form, the administration office will issue the new employee a parking permit. 

Parking can be accessed by turning left from International Way onto Borah Ave. Employees will turn right after passing Economy Lot 2 and follow the road until they reach the employee parking lot (located closest to the departure side of the airport).