Ride Along Program


The ride-along program is offered to those individuals, involved with a recognized program (volunteer firefighter, EMS student, etc.), who have demonstrated a desire for a career in public safety. Every attempt will be made to accommodate interested persons; however, any applicant may be disqualified without cause.

  • Being under 18 years of age.
  • Prior criminal history. 
  • Pending criminal action.
  • Pending lawsuit against the Department.
  • Denial by any supervisor.
  • Poor health or other condition that would negatively impact response.

Members of any other fire service agency will not be permitted to ride-along with on-duty firefighters without the express consent of the Fire Operations Chief or the authorized designee. In the event that such a ride-along is permitted, the rider shall be allowed to participate in all fire service activities except as otherwise directed or as emergency circumstances may require.


Please contact IFFD's Training Division Chief Wynn Whitmeyer (208) 612-8512 or wwhitmeyer@idahofalls.gov