Riverfest & Melaleuca Freedom Celebration Road Closures

Community members and visitors should not move or drive around traffic control devices. Doing so can create dangerous situations for yourself and others, and will likely result in further delays.

July 1st 

  • Milligan Road South of 901 Pier View Drive will close July 1st until after July 4th

July 3rd at 5 p.m.

  • Snake River Parkway from Whitewater Drive to midway between Event Center Drive and Sunnyside Road. 
  • Event Center Drive
  • Lochsa River Drive from Snake River Parkway to White Sand Creek Way

July 4th at 6 a.m.

Full road closures:

  • Snake River Pkwy North of Sunnyside to Pier View Drive 
  • Snake River Pkwy between Pioneer Rd and Utah Ave

Southbound Closures:

  • Milligan Rd.

July 4th at 8 p.m.

  • Sunnyside from Snake River Pkwy to Pioneer Rd.

July 4th at 9:00 p.m.  

Full Closures

  • Interstate 15 at Sunnyside Rd. (Exit 116) off-ramp closures for northbound and southbound exits (on-ramps will be open).
  • Pioneer Rd. from Pioneer Drive to Event Center Drive 

Northbound closures:

  • Pancheri Dr. & Utah Ave.
  • The North segment exiting the Utah Ave. roundabout
  • Southfork Blvd between Sunnyside and Pioneer Drive
  • Pioneer Drive & Sunnyside
  • Pioneer Road & Sunnyside
  • S. Yellowstone Hwy (26) at 19th Street
  • Sunnyside and Yellowstone
  • 19th and Rollandet Ave
  • 21st and Rollandet Ave
  • Gallatin & 25th 

Eastbound closures:

  • Pancheri Dr., East of Skyline Dr. 
  • W. Sunnyside Rd., near the I-15 interchange 

Southbound closures: 

  • Utah Ave & Pioneer Rd
  • W. Broadway Street & Yellowstone Ave (Highway 26) 
  • Pancheri Dr & S. Yellowstone Hwy (Highway 26)
  • Leslie Ave & 21st St
  • Leslie Ave & 25th St
  • Rollandet Ave & 17th St. 
  • Rollandet Ave & 21st St.
  • Softball & Rollandet
  • Riverwalk & Pancheri
  • Riverwalk & Bridgeport

Westbound closures:

  • Pancheri Dr & Capital Ave
  • W. Sunnyside Rd & S. Yellowstone Hwy (Highway 91 westbound)
  • W. Sunnyside Rd at Rollandet
  • W. Broadway Street & Memorial Drive
  • W. Sunnyside & McNeil Drive
  • W. Sunnyside on the Eastside of Basic American Foods (1050 W Sunnyside Road)
  • W. Sunnyside west of S Koester Road at the substation

Pedestrians and bicyclists leaving Snake River Landing via Sunnyside will be able to use the sidewalk on the north side of Sunnyside Road. Pedestrians and bicyclists are asked to not cross Sunnyside in any location other than designated crossing areas indicated by event signage. Visibility is low and pedestrian safety is a significant concern. Besides causing delays to traffic flow exiting the event, there are vehicle versus pedestrian near misses each year due to pedestrians crossing traffic in an unsafe manner.