Hazardous Materials Team

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials pose a real, rapidly expanding and potentially disastrous threat to Idaho Falls and the surrounding area. Hazmat incidents may include but are not limited to responses that may involve fires, spills, transportation accidents, chemical reactions and explosions. Associated hazards involved may include toxicity, flammability, radiological hazards, corrosives, health hazards, explosions or any combination of these factors.


The mission of the Idaho Falls Hazmat Response Team, in keeping with the mission of the Idaho Falls Fire Department, is to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Idaho Falls and of Bonneville County. As well as protecting, to the best of our ability, the environment of this beautiful area in which we live. Our goal will always be to control and confine the problem but not to provide the clean-up of the material. This mission will be carried out as desired and dictated by the citizens and elected officials of the City of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County.


The Idaho Falls Hazmat Response Team currently consists of 36 members of the Fire Department plus some members of the business community who have volunteered their assistance as experts in their respective fields. These members were chosen from a wide cross section of the department to make use of the individual skills of the members. All personnel have been trained to a minimum of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazmat technician level. All personnel are required to continue to train and attempt to raise their skill levels and keep current with this rapidly expanding field.