Bicycle Response Team


Due to the rising concerns for the safety and well being of our community during some of our festive events, the Idaho Falls Fire Department has developed a Bicycle Emergency Response Team. The team consists of 21 members who are primarily volunteer. Their purpose is to work some of the more congested event in our city. The bicycles provide rapid access through congested areas that may take an ambulance 10 minutes or more to get through.


The team members are trained to EMT and Paramedic levels and provide emergency care until an ambulance arrives. They are equipped with emergency medical supplies for patient care and radios for communication with the ambulance crews. The team has participated in vigorous training with the Idaho Falls Police Department, learning to maneuver their bicycles through congestion and unusual obstacles - places ambulances may not be able to go. Members also undergo specialized training for preventive maintenance of their equipment.


Our team has participated in events such as:
  • 4th of July Fireworks
  • 4th of July Parade
  • Bridge to Braves 5K - 10K Run
  • The Downtown Festival
  • Habitat for Humanity Walk-a-thon
  • The Idaho Falls Duck Race
  • Kelly Canyon Mountain Bike Challenge
  • To Bone and Back Fun Run
  • Walktoberfest