Special Teams

The Idaho Falls Fire Department (IFFD) has several teams with members requiring special training. These teams are manned by a wide cross section of IFFD members who show dedication and commitment by their willingness to put forth the effort required to train and practice their various skills.


  • High Angle and Confined Space Rescue Team
  • Juvenile Fire Starter Education Team
  • Swiftwater Rescue Team
  • Wildland Deployment Team
  1. Bicycle Response Team

    Due to the rising concerns for the safety and well being of our community during some of our festive events, the Idaho Falls Fire Department has developed a Bicycle Emergency Response Team.

  2. Fire Investigation Team

    Specially trained fire investigators make up one of the Fire Department's most unique specialty teams. Fire investigators are trained to be part scientist, part detective, and even part psychologist. This training includes the certification of Fire Investigation Technician (FIT), where they receive intensive instruction in origin/cause determination and arson detection.

  3. Hazardous Materials Team

    The mission of the Idaho Falls Hazmat Response Team, in keeping with the mission of the Idaho Falls Fire Department, is to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Idaho Falls and of Bonneville County.

  4. Idaho Technical Search and Rescue Team (PDF)

    As part of the state strategy, the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security has identified the need to enhance the Technical Rescue Teams in the North, South and East of the state. These regions pose the largest risk for urban disaster-related incidents. Your participation in the effort to resolve this life-threatening response deficiency is greatly appreciated.

  5. Swift Water Rescue

    The City of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County have many waterways and associated hazards, coupled with the many uses of those from recreation and farming to producing power.