Capital Improvement Plan and Development Impact Fee Study

The City of Idaho Falls City Council will conduct a public hearing at their regular business meeting on Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. in the City Annex Council Chambers, 680 Park Avenue, Idaho Falls on the following application(s):

Adoption of the Impact Fee Study and Capital Improvement Plan, and the Ordinance authorizing the implementation of Development Impact Fees

A development impact fee program provides an equitable means of providing infrastructure to accommodate new growth. Growth brings with it a need for improvements in parks, transportation, and public safety (police, fire, and emergency medical services). Through the comprehensive planning process, the citizens of Idaho Falls have conveyed a consistent message to city officials that expanding infrastructure to accommodate growth is critical. 

If adopted, those who benefit from new growth and development will pay a proportionate share of the cost of the new public facilities needed to serve new growth through impact fees – assessed at the building permit stage – rather than new growth being subsidized by existing taxpayers. 

There are at least four methods of participation in the public hearing:

  1. Attend the public hearing and provide testimony in person. 
  2. Watch the meeting online. All City Council meetings are live streamed and archived for later viewing on the city's website. Click HERE to watch the live stream or return to this webpage at a later time to watch the archived video. 
  3. Provide written input. Public comments may be shared with City Council via email at Emails or other written testimony must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Feb. 21. 
  4. Participate in the meeting virtually. By request only, members of the public wishing to participate in a virtual live meeting that has been legal noticed for this agenda may do so remotely through the WebEx meeting platform with a phone or a computer. This platform will allow citizens to provide testimony at the appropriate time. Those desiring meeting access may send a valid and accurate email address to and do so no later than 11a.m. on February 24 so log-in information can be sent to you prior to the meeting.   

To review the Impact Fee Study and Capital Improvement Plan prior to the meeting, click HERE. A printed version is also available in the Public Works Department during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, 380 Constitution Way, (208) 612-8250.

If you need communication aids or services or other physical accommodations to participate or access this meeting or program of the City of Idaho Falls, you may contact Administrative Assistant Rachael Huntsman at (208) 612-8250 or Grants Administrator Lisa Farris at (208) 612-8323. Every effort will be made to adequately meet your needs.